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1: Investing For Everyone

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

1) Get started as early as possible.

2) Open an investment account NOW. Check out Vanguard and a balanced mutual fund.

3) Shortcut to investing. If you are overwhelmed with picking an investment, consider the robo-advisors.

4) Diversification-diversification-diversification. Your investments should be spread over different categories such as large cap, small cap, international and bonds.

5) Don’t be afraid to take risk. Women - especially - need to take more risk to catch up. We have made great strides, but still earn less money than men (79 cents to their dollar). Many women also take time off to care for our children or our aging parents - plus, women live longer than men by approximately 5 years now. Investing our money is a KEY way to catch up.

6) Invest every month! This is also called "dollar cost averaging" which lets you take advantage of market lows + market highs.

7) Keep your fees low. Many of you are paying fees of 1-3% per year and with compound interest which is a lot of money you are losing!

1) Invite friends to “shop” in your closet + you shop in theirs! Free trades, “new” goodies, and no credit card debt.

2) Stressed? Buy a popsicle, not a new purse.

3) Always pick up your laundry - but not always the check! Split it or take turns.

4) Remember: carpooling saves money and gas. Plus, it’s sexy - especially if you get the middle seat.

5) Window shopping is always free! Take photos of stuff you like rather than spend on it.

6) Butterscotch pudding will never let you down.

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