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"The Fiscal Firecrackers" Origin Story

What happens when a financial whiz, an actress gushing with
Southern charm and a late-night TV showrunner join forces?

It all started with an old Christmas card. 

Late-night talk show veteran Jill Leiderman was cleaning out her home office during the pandemic when she stumbled upon her actress extraordinaire pal Susan Yeagley’s eight-year-old holiday card. (Clearly, Jill doesn’t throw anything out.)


Jill snapped a photo of the vintage gem and texted it to Susan — “Spring cleaning in August.  Stumbled upon this confection. How you doing?” 

Susan quickly responded back, “Recently turned 50 and trying to figure out the next 50 years of my life. How are you?”


Jill swiftly replied, “How can I help?”


The two hopped on the phone and began brainstorming. Jill encouraged Susan to dig deep and figure out what lit her up - in addition to her family and her acting career. Once they identified it, Jill knew Susan could launch something new that would spark and creatively satisfy her. While they chatted, Susan recognized her deep-rooted desire to learn all about money. So to further explore this area of interest, Jill paired Susan up with her dear childhood friend - Wall Street financial expert and author, Galia Gichon. The two gals sparked immediately, despite being homebound on opposite coasts during a pandemic. They wanted to create a vehicle to talk dollars - each from their own perspective and in their own language. Jill’s husband Rob suggested they merge their superpowers and kickstart a podcast.


The threesome teamed up to form “The Fiscal Firecrackers “ - a powerhouse trio serving to educate, entertain and empower people about their finances. Now, you can have a blast while learning to make your money last.  



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