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34: Addicted to Amazon

  1. Think big picture. Why are you doing this? To save more money? To spend more consciously? How would it feel if you could easily save $200 or even $500 a month without doing much? If you are happy with how you are saving - then maybe this is just an exercise in examining where your money goes.

    1. TIP: If you can put a number that you would like to save more, then you can make easy changes on your amazon spending rather than all or nothing!

  2. Find out what you spent last year. Simply open the Amazon app/website, sign in, and click on “Accounts & Lists”. From there, select “Ordering and Shopping Preferences” then “Download order reports”. Select the time period or date range you would like to view and click “Request Report”.

    1. Think about what else you could have done with even a fraction of that money!

  3. Change your settings.

    1. Turn off one-click orders

    2. Turn off automatic re-ordering

  4. Set a Monthly Limit on Your Amazon Spending. Preload an Amazon gift card at the start of each month with the amount you’ve budgeted for Amazon. Once your gift card is used up, you’re done. Source Credit Card Insider.

  5. Enable notifications. Use one credit card just for Amazon and get text notifications every time you use it. The power of seeing a text from CITI, Capital One or Amex every time you purchase something on amazon will subconsciously help you shop differently!

  6. Have a Designated Day To Shop. Do all your amazon shopping on Friday so you can plan and consciously spend what you want. Will help you curb random impulses. Maybe even twice a month? Source: Trae Bodge,

    1. We like to put items in our cart and save for later. 90% of the time we DON’T purchase the items.

  7. Business. If you use Amazon for business at all- set up a business account to save money. Any size business even sole proprietorship.

    1. Sell products directly on Amazon.

    2. Link to products on your site Amazon affiliate.

    3. Amazon handmade. Like Etsy.

    4. Kindle direct. Self publish. Sell your book!

    5. Trade-in. You get gift cards.

  8. Change habits. Don't Browse Amazon in Bed

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