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9: Vacation W.B.T.B (Without Breaking the Bank)

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

1. Think outside the box with travel reservations using apps that save you money + time:

2. Budget for vacation. The few weeks before your trip, don’t go shopping or eat out so you can bank money for your vacation.

3. Set a daily budget + stick to it.

4. Financially plan for vacation. At the beginning of year, chart how much you’ll spend so you can proactively either start saving and/or prioritize other expenses.

5. Be flexible with your travel dates. If you have younger kids, take them out of school to save at off-peak times.

6. Travel international and to the unexpected. If you're going around the globe, choose countries where the U.S. dollar goes farther: e.g. destinations like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. Use a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees and be mindful of currency conversions.

7. Make sure you are protected. Use AMEX or another card that will cover you in case in times of need.

9. Free breakfast. If you stay in hotels, look for hotels with free breakfast.

10. Prioritize meals on vacation. Bring packed food along and eat only one meal a day in a restaurant.

11. Live like a local. Eat at local hole-in-the-wall restaurants, shop at local markets, take local transportation. Research having a homemade meal by visiting with a family who opens their doors to travelers.

12. Say "no" to time share opportunities.

1. The average American vacation lasts 4 days.

2. The most popular snack at Disneyland is a churro! 2.8 million are sold every year.

3. "Irregardless" is a word! And so is "BOO!"

4. The most expensive hotel in the world costs $150,000 a night. It's called the Luxury Submarine Hotel.

5. Three Norwegian travelers broke the world's record and toured 19 countries in one day!

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