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6: Get Yourself A Spicy Retirement

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

  1. Get organized: Collect every retirement statement from all of your jobs (old and new) as well as any pensions you might have - especially if you worked as a teacher or held a municipal job. If you moved at all during your years of employment, the businesses may have lost your address so follow up to collect what you are due: and find old plans that went bankrupt.

  2. Saving for retirement is a must: Putting some money away today means securing your future. Avoid having to rely on your kids for financial support, needing to get a part-time job to make ends meet, having to downsize your life, being unable to cover future medical costs, or have to rent out a part of your home.

  3. Social security is not your retirement plan. The amount the government provides isn’t going to be enough to support most of us. The maximum is $3,148/month which is about 30% of what most people require. Check out for your updated benefits.

  4. Run a calculator for retirement savings. A sobering but excellent exercise. It’s just as of today and can motivate you to save more or think about retirement differently. For example, if you want to live on $50,000/year and retire at age 65, it’ll tell you how much to save now!

  1. The current world record holder for hot dog eating is held by Joey Chestnut aka “Jaws” who consumed 76 franks in ten minutes.

  2. 23% of small businesses started as a hobby.

  3. The oldest currently living person is a French nun named Lucile Randon who is 118 years old.

  4. Glynn Wolfe, a California minister, was married 31 times in his lifetime.

  5. The number of people who work from home since 2005 has increased by 140%.

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