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4: Love and Money

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

1. Talk about money and communicate. Speak honestly and listen without judgment.

2. Open a savings account together poised with a shared goal. (i.e. new piece of furniture, vacation, home.)

3. Track your spending together - use an app. So many great apps exist now that make staying organized together easy:

  • Monarch app has a partner feature

  • Honeydue

  • Honeyfi

  • Zeta Money Manager (designed specifically for couples)

  • Lili Banking app

4. Keep purchases out in the open.

5. Schedule a Money Date. Bari Tessler has wonderful suggestions.

6. It’s never too early to start talking about money. Begin by asking your partner questions about their childhood with respect to money. Reciprocate and share yours : i.e.

  • Do you use credit cards? How many? Which ones and why?

  • How did you pay for college?

  • What’s your first money memory?

  • What are your spending priorities?

  • Would you rather take a vacation or buy merchandise?

1. One little ladybug can eat up to 5,000 insects in her lifetime and they bleed from their knees when they feel threatened.

2. Quizno's CEO joined the company when he was 22 years old!

3. The most popular colors in 2022 are yellows and tangerines! Yum!

4. Baby boomers are most likely to use coupons.

5. The first American coupon was issued in 1888 by Coca-Cola.

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