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30: Awkward Money Moments Part 2

  1. Rent or Own. When asked if you rent or own; consider the answer “We paid a little bit over asking, but we stayed well within our budget.

  2. Paying for Children’s College. When asked 'how you will pay for your children’s college tuition?' Consider the answer: “We started early.”

  3. When Friends Owe Your Money. Consider telling them “If it’s easier to transfer the money to cover lunch or the gift or ______ from the other day, I have a PayPal (or Venmo or Cash) account.” Send a Venmo request!

  4. Going Out to Dinner With Group? Bring cash so you can easily pay your portion!

  5. Asking for a Raise. Schedule a meeting rather than waiting for an impromptu conversation. Come with your work achievements. If they say “No” ask how you can improve or more paid time off?.

  6. Co-Worker Asking About Salary? A co-worker asks you how much money you make. What would you do? Tell them a range.

  7. Talking About Money With Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner. An easy way to start talking about money in a relationship is to start with your credit score.

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