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28: Holiday Hacks + Mistletoe

  1. Take Apart Your Gift Baskets. Buy them and take them apart and gift individually. You can save 20 to 30%.

  2. Create Your Holiday Intention. Create a list in writing, notes, or a spreadsheet. Start with the TOTAL amount you want to spend; then make a list of who you need to buy gifts for, how much you need for travel, entertainment and split that amount among all the categories.

  3. Use Your Credit Card Wisely. Look at last year's spending and see where you can save or learn from last year. Monitor your credit card. Leave notifications on of your credit card and debit card spending during the holidays.

  4. Use Cash. Get to know your old friend CASH and don’t shop online. Especially important if you have credit card debt! While you won’t get the credit card points benefits your goal is not to spend that much and you will be more conscious.

  5. Shopping Online? Leave items in your shopping cart. The company will probably send you a promo gift for 10–25% off. Check out coupon sites: RetailMeNot, Honey, Rakuten, Ibotta, and Drop. Also try coupon code: WELCOME10.

  6. TIPS That Won’t Cost You Anything! Use credit card rewards and points. Regift. Revisit the gift cards that you have stocked up somewhere.

  7. Big Family? Ask for Secret Santa so you are just buying ONE gift. Go in with others on big-ticket items

  8. Cut Costs Elsewhere. Find that extra $250 or more that you will need for the holidays. Get a new quote on your auto, home and/or health insurance.

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