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25: Awkward Money Moments

  1. Asking for a raise at work. Prepare and practice. Keep track of your achievements so ready when time to negotiate. By not negotiating and asking for more money, you are losing thousands of dollars in compound interest. If you work for yourself, ask for a higher fee from your clients.

  2. Asking what something costs when negotiating prices It’s ok to ask! Know your worth by confident body language. Speak slowly. Make eye contact. Pause if you need. Breathe! Don’t speak to fill empty space.

  3. If someone asks to borrow money. Ask them if you can help them in other ways such as creating a budget. It will most likely ruin the relationship. Say “No" now but repair in other ways. If you do lend them money, consider it a gift.

  4. If you make less money than friends. This comes up usually when going out to dinner at an expensive restaurant. Don’t try to match up. Stand up for yourself and suggest a less expensive restaurant, picnic in the park, or a potluck at home.

  5. If someone asks you how much something costs and you justify the cost. Such as your new dress, your home purchase, your travel. We often justify our purchases by lying and saying it was on sale. Own your money decision. Lead by example.

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