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13: The Emotional Rollercoaster of Money

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

  1. You have a much greater chance of dying while driving to buy a lottery ticket than you do of actually winning the lottery.

  2. Early money memories. Think about early understanding of money. Stems from our families and how we grew up.

  3. How to detach emotionally. Set intentional spending goals: vacations, grocery store, clothing. State out loud what you will spend before you take the activity.

  4. Don’t shop when bored.

  5. Practice financial self-compassion. We all make mistakes. We can’t do anything about what happened yesterday. We are here today and let’s move forward.

  6. Get financial help. Listen to podcasts. Sign up for an inexpensive online course ( Work with an independent financial planner (one who charges JUST hourly).

  7. Celebrate the wins. Research has found that the more frequently we experience a sense of progress, like a “small win,” the more likely we are to continue that positive behavior.

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